Beginner Stained Glass with Stacey Zaremba

This introductory class provides a foundation for stained glass using the copper foil method, originally developed by L. C. Tiffany. The class begins with a safety overview and an introduction to the tools used. We will cover the art of glass cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering, and finishing with patina and wax. By the end of this 4 and a half hour class, you will leave with your own handcrafted stained-glass feather.

  • Closed toed shoes are required.
  • Safety glasses must be worn if you don’t already wear glasses.
3 stained glass feathers hanging off tree branch

August 3, 2024

$80 class + $35 material fee payable to instructor at the time of class

(Ages 18+)

About the Artist

Stacey has been creating handcrafted original stained-glass art, using the copper foil method, since the 1980’s. Stacey enjoys using natural elements to create pieces for the body/eye, mind and soul. Signature pieces include lotus flowers, feathers, trees, peace signs, hamzas, and moon phases. Stacey’s work has a spiritual and earthy edge, often incorporating decorative solder, wire, agates and crystals into her work. She also does commission-stained glass. Stacey is a college professor and has experience teaching stained glass classes in adult education programs.

See more stained-glass art on Stacey’s Instagram page.

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