Kiln design and wood firing with Justin Lambert

June 10 – 15, 2024 – During this one-week workshop you will learn through observation and hands on applications. Our wonderful Tube Anagama is ten years old and in need of some modifications. We have contacted Justin Lambert to redesign the fire box and add a baffle wall to the back of the kiln.
Cost: $300 = 2 cu/ft of space $600 = 5 cu/ft of space

In 2015 we invited Justin to fire our wood kiln, which gave us a deeper understanding of the wood fire process. Using his techniques, we were able to achieve consistent exciting surfaces with more melted ash and flame action. His method of loading and stacking the shelves helped us gain additional stacking space too! We are very excited to be working with Justin again.

Read more about Justin https://www.jlpottery.com/

The woodfire workshop is intended to help participants gain an understanding of the variables when firing a kiln with wood. Woodfiring workshops can be incredibly beneficial because we are able to discuss, ask questions, and formulate solutions for a process that often times provides more questions than answers.  Loading is perhaps the most important part of a wood firing, yet so often work is simply “put” into the kiln v. “loaded”.  Firing the kiln is not about putting wood in the kiln, but how often, how much, and where each log is placed has a direct effect on how the kiln heats, and color development within the clay and glaze.  Justin developed unique systems to help everyone on the team get on the same firing schedule, and understand the results of their actions. He is a firm believer in always being a student, and he always learns from the “regulars” around each kiln.  

  • We will spend the first three days making necessary design upgrades to our kiln.
  • On Day four we will load our newly designed kiln and light the fire.
  • Firing will continue throughout days five and six with a reduction cooled down fire.  Justin will lead participants as we each take shifts to stoke the fire.
  • Unloading of the kiln will take place on June 22. Justin will not be present at the unloading but we will be sending him images of finished work.

Participants will bring bisqueware made of suitable cone 10 clay. Justin recommends Continental Clay Porcelain and B-Clay. We have had success with other clays from various suppliers. A Shino liner glaze will be provided as well as a flashing slip. We will not load “refire” work.

Participants may choose to arrive in time for the firing only. Arrangements will need to be made in advance. Please feel free to email with any question gloriakosco@comcast.net.