Green Arts Initiative

Tyler Park Center for the Arts Green Arts Initiative brings education in the arts and environmental stewardship together as a working example of innovation in action.

We hope that you will consider a donation and be a part of the change for energy efficient creativity!

Honoring the principles of Earth Day each and every day is a goal that TPCA furthers as we bring the Green Arts Initiative to the next level. The installation of a “solar garage” will fuel the entire workshop and event space and will integrate environmental education opportunities in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

We are proud to announce the completion of the first 2 phases of this initiative by incorporating panoramic views of the surrounding meadows with all new insulated windows, a handicapped-accessible restroom, and the replacement of a carbon-producing coal heating system with energy-efficient heating and cooling.

Sponsorship opportunities for individuals and businesses are integral to the success of the impactful and concrete goal of reducing carbon emissions right here in Bucks County. Acting locally as a team, we are attaining the objective of nurturing our environment which, in turn, opens the door to a future of creativity inspired by the natural world that we are preserving.

Business and name listings on our website and in the Crafts in the Meadow program for contributions of all levels. Donations above $500 will get name recognition on the garage – hundreds of thousands of Tyler Park visitors will be aware of your contribution of support for the environment and the arts.