About us

Board of Directors and Staff

Our mission is to enrich the community through fine arts, crafts, and music: to encourage art education and excellence, and to nurture artists in a community of connection and support.

Board Officers:
Shawn Allen Dela Rosa – President
Carolyn Montgomery – Vice President
Ronald Heffelfinger – Treasurer
Paul Segarra
Sylvie Kovacs
Robert DeMilia
Samirah Abdul Fattah
Leslie Crilley
Linn Godfrey- Notes

Executive Director:
Jennifer Miller email: director@tylerparkarts.org

Committee Chairs:
Alane Dooley – Event Committee
Jennifer Riccards and JenniferMcInnis  – Volunteer email: volunteer@tylerparkarts.org
Shawn Allen Dela Rosa – Membership email membership@tylerparkarts.org

Jennifer Bishop – Office Assistant email: workshops@tylerparkarts.org
Stefanie Miller – Website, Social Media, Photography email: website@tylerparkarts.org
Levy Valverde – Graphic Arts
Kristin Yotko – Support Staff
Kim Piersig – Public Relations