Glass Fusion workshops

with Maggie Gallen
Glass Fusion workshops

Glass fusing predates glass blowing, and has been making a resurgence into the craft and art world since the 70’s. With new kilns and a better understanding of how glass, an amazing medium that is fragile, strong, pliable and breakable, works; and how we can manipulate it both hot and cold.

Glass fusing is the process of cutting and breaking sheet glass cold, then arranging your pieces and preparing them for the kiln. The glass kiln fires anywhere from 1200 – 1600 degrees F depending on the desired outcome. During this heating process the glass becomes liquid or viscous and melts into 1 solid piece. This Class will focus on specific shapes, imagery, precision cutting and arrangement in addition to utilizing inclusions and lower kiln temperatures. Both fun and educational!








Learn more : Maggie Gallen started working with stained glass in ’98. 10 years later she became involved with Goggleworks Center for the Arts, where her passion exploded into blowing, etching and fusing this medium. Working as an apprentice, specific courses at Pilchuck and Corning, as well as self exploration, has slowly allowed her experience in this field to deepen. She has taught all forms of glass work for public and private studios over the past 8 years including Taylor Backes Art School, University of the Arts and Glass Routes. See more on her website.