Wood Kiln Firing

The Tyler Park Arts Manabigama (Japanese for “beautiful learning kiln”) is a single chamber wood kiln designed to be efficient, and give beautiful results. Kiln firings are scheduled periodically throughout the year.

Community Firings – Stay tuned for upcoming dates

  • Our community firings are split in-to “Shares.” One share is 4 cubic feet, about the size of a 30 gallon plastic tote full of work. 1 Share costs $235 and Half of a Share costs $125. If you are interested in having work fired without participating in the firing, cost is $225 per half share.
  • In addition to the loading/prep and unloading/clean up days, we would like to have everyone participate in two stoking shifts of at least 4 hours OR 1 stoking shift of at least 7 hours if it is not possible to get back and forth to the kiln multiple times during the firing.
  • Clay Type: All clay must be made from Cone 10 Stoneware or Porcelain. Recommended clays are Laguna B-Mix Wood, 750 and Standard Clays 119, 508, 437

To sign up for a firing, or to get information about the kiln please contact Vivian and  Jesse @ jwar2110@gmail.com

Private Rental & Mentored Workshops: Fully mentored group workshops are available. This is a great option for guilds and groups of potters who want to be fully involved in the process of firing their work. Participants arrive with their bisqued and glazed ware. Each member of the group will be guided through the processes of wadding their work, loading the kiln, bricking up the door, firing the kiln, unloading the kiln, and cleaning their work.

Current cost for renting the entire kiln is $1500. We ask for a 400$ security deposit when signing up for a date.

Pease contact director@tylerparkarts.org to schedule a firing date.