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Wood Kiln Firing

Glazing – Friday October 7th (1pm – 6pm)

Loading Kiln – Saturday October 8th

Begin Firing – Saturday Evening October 22nd

Firing through Sunday October 23rd

Tentative unload – Friday October 29th

This is a great opportunity to bring bisque fired work and  glaze work for the current firing.

Bring bisque fired work. Glazes & slips will be available. Cost: $5 per cu. ft. See more for firing cost options.

kiln glaze



Please register below – and bring your willingness to experiment!

Firing Costs.
Pricing includes: 1 cord of wood, wadding, cones.
Pricing does not include glaze. Glazing workshops can be scheduled before a firing. No glazing is permitted during the loading of the kiln. All work loaded into our kiln must be bisque fired.

Firing Costs by the Cubic foot:
There are several options for participation.

Option 1: Involves full participation in the loading/firing/unloading and cleaning of shelves! Each participant is required to sign up for a 4 hour stoking shift,(minimum* we work with all abilities and consider personal limitations).
$40.00 per cubic foot of space.* Each kiln shelf is 12″ x24″
One shelf of space, @6″in height=1cu.ft.
*Participation in a firing involves being part of the process from loading to firing and complete clean up. (see Process for details).

Option 2: A no work option. This option is for those who wish to drop off their work without attending the firing.
$60.00 per cubic foot of space.* One shelf of space, @6″in height=1cu. Each kiln shelf is 12″ x24″
Bisqued work is arranged to be dropped off. Advanced arrangements must be made! We will wad, load, fire and unload your work.

Time slots are 5 hours long, actual stoking time is 4 hours. You will be observing for the first and last half hours of your scheduled time. This observation time is important as it informs the new stokers of everything they need to know about the kiln and its progress. This observation process is for everyone, even if you are a seasoned stoker.  Questions? or Registration – Please call 215-651-9122 or email

Please note, signing up for a time slot is a commitment! You must arrive on time and stay the entire shift. We will always have enough people per shift as to be considerate of physical limitations. Stoking is calmer and the atmosphere is cooler during the first three shifts.

 Mentored Workshops: Fully mentored group workshops are available. This is a great option for guilds and groups of potters who want to be fully involved in the process of firing their work. Participants arrive with their bisqued and glazed ware. Each member of the group will be guided through the processes of wadding their work, loading the kiln, bricking up the door, firing the kiln, unloading the kiln, and cleaning their work.
Current cost for renting the entire kiln is $1200.