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Sculpture Garden

The Sculpture Garden at Tyler Park Center for the Arts echoes our mission to celebrate the diversity of the arts as well as to honor the artist’s individual creativity. Friends of TPCA and visitors to Tyler State Park are always welcome to come visit, rest and wander!

We are currently featuring the works of Mike GyampoKevin ForestMarcia Raff and Peter Cimino. Over the years the Garden has included the work of Ray Faunce, Le Corbeau, Harry Gordon, Andrew Logan and Dana Stewart.


[img src=]7880by Mike Gyampo
[img src=]1940
[img src=]1560Sailing by the Moon by Kevin Forest
[img src=]2050Draco the Companion by Peter Cimino
[img src=]1740by Mike Gyampo
[img src=]1340Columns by Marci Raffe
[img src=]1330by Dana Steward
[img src=]1290by Dana Steward
[img src=]1180by Marci Raffe
[img src=]1500by Peter Cimino
[img src=]1260Installation of Draco w/ thanks to Andrew Logan
[img src=]1150by Peter Cimino
[img src=]1120by Peter Cimino
[img src=]1220Goliath by Peter Cimino
[img src=]1040Brooklyn Bridge by Harry Gordon
[img src=]940
[img src=]820Sea of Silence by Le Corbeau

And we must give thanks to Chris Rogahn for our amazing sign!

We are always looking for the Garden to Grow!

Contact or 267.218.0290  with ideas & inspiration!