A chronological evening of story and song with Steve Katz.

A chronological evening of story and song with Steve Katz.

Steve Katz played guitar, sang and wrote songs for Blood, Sweat & Tears, The Blues Project, The Even Dozen Jug Band, and American Flyer. Steve memorialized his ventures in the music scene in a book “Blood, Sweat, and My Rock ‘N’ Roll Years – Is Steve Katz a Rock Star?”

On May 25, 2019 (7-10pm) Steve will sing songs and share stories with us based on his career. “This is the unlikely story of a rock star as nerd, nerd as rock star, a nice Jewish boy who got to sit at the cool kid’s table.”

In his recently published memoirs “Blood, Sweat, and My Rock ‘N’ Roll Years,” Steve Katz hints at what is to come, when he writes in the book’s introduction: “Rock stardom, real or imagined, drives people to some pretty weird places. I’m one of the fortunate ones. I walked through that door and, for the most part, stayed fairly sane. But boy, do I have a story to tell you . . .”

It’s an honest and personal account of a life at the edge of the spotlight—a privileged vantage point that earned him a bit more objectivity and earnest outrage than a lot of his colleagues, who were too far into the scene to lay any honest witness to it. Set during the Greenwich Village folk/rock scene, the Sixties’ most celebrated venues and concerts, and behind closed doors on international tours and grueling studio sessions.

Katz decided to write the book for a number of reasons. “I had gone back with Blood Sweat & Tears for a few years,” explained Katz, during a recent interview. “The last gig I did with them (2012) was so weird, that I had to write a little essay about it, mostly for myself. I enjoyed writing it so much that I wanted to write more and then decided to write my memoirs.”