Harvey Littleton

Harvey Littleton

Harvey Littleton (1922 – 2013). He was an American glass artist and teacher. He grew up surrounded by glass in Corning, NY, where his father worked in the corning factory and contributed to the invention of tempered glass and Pyrex). As he explored his interests, his vision and passion became glassblowing and creating sculpture with glass.

At a time when most believed that glassblowing could only be done in factories, he organized a seminar for studio artists to make glassblowing an art achievable for all studio artists – introducing the idea that the artist could mix, blow, and work glass in the studio.

He began at the Toledo Museum of Art and some years later introduced the first University glass program in Wisconsin, from which a number of student became internationally know glass artists.

Littleton spent a lifetime investigating the properties of glass and experimenting with form and color. His studies and creations are unique, original, and complex works that others often quote him as the father of the American Studio Glass Movement.

In 1983 Littleton was awarded the Gold Medal of the American Craft Council. He is the author of Glassblowing: A Search for Form, published in 1971.