Glassblowing Program

Hot Shop Donations

We are excited to announce the addition of a Glassblowing Program!

This initiative is a grassroots, nonprofit endeavor that will be the only one of its kind for miles around. Community interest in glassblowing is overwhelming, and the Tyler Park Center for the Arts Glassblowing Program will welcome all skill levels in classes, workshops, and individual studio use.

We have a generous donation of glass equipment; a talented and dedicated “hot shop” technician; a partnership with Bucks County Community College, the Arts and Cultural Council of Bucks County, along with other arts organizations; and experienced professional instructors ready to offer their knowledge.

Your donation will make the dream a reality as we lay the foundation, build a separate building to house the glass studio, renovate the donated equipment, purchase additional equipment and tools, run new electrical lines for the annealing kilns, purchase and install exhaust fans and lighting, run a water line, bring in the propane, and fire up the furnace!

With the high demand that these glass offerings will generate, your donation could ensure registration priority, naming opportunities, a chance to create your first glass piece, free private and group classes, an invitation to the Hot Shop Kick-Off Party, and more.

Thank you for your generous donation and for stepping up as a founding member of the Tyler Park Center for the Arts Glassblowing Community.

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With gratefulness and dedication,

Jennifer Miller                         Jim Graham
Executive Director                  Hot Shop Coordinator

And the Tyler Park Center for the Arts Family

Contact Jim Graham at Glass@TylerParkArts.org with questions.

We also offer various Glass art workshops through out the year!

Help us reach the goal of $50,000 !

We are grateful to have the following sponsors as a founding members of the Tyler Park Center for the Arts Glassblowing Community!