Facing the Bull by Lisa Bonner

Facing the Bull by Lisa Bonner

A musical theatre about a girl coming of age and a society coming to rage – family, ethics, gender, sex, and the US  – Spring date to be announced

“Facing the Bull” is a showcase of a young girl, who after growing up through the 60’s and 70’s in rural Pennsylvania, moves to New York City to embark on a career as an actor/songwriter and lands a career in the music business. She takes us on a journey of comic vignettes – scenes in her American life –  that slowly unravel decades of a shocking reality she was not prepared for. A  reality that divides US on very core levels, but also awakens a deep spirit of determination within.

Writer: Lisa Bonner attended Bucks County Community College, in her initial years as an acting major. She spent many years on the Tyler Estate and surrounding Park areas. It was these very foot hills, in this Park area, her desire to play guitar was born. She transferred to NYC directly from Bucks and continued her studies at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC. She pulls much the area and demographics, into much the “Facing the Bull” story.

Bonner has two CDs of original music, “House of Music” and “Mercury Retrograde” which can be found on many music platforms. Both Sheryl Boltze, and Paul Katz, also perform on the “Mercury Retrograde” album. Bonner has performed in venues, both as an actor and musician in US and abroad. Her current band in “Bonnerville” consists of the orchestra in the performance and can be seen locally in Bucks County and in the tri-state area. She finds great significance, and is very excited, to be returning to Tyler Park Arts Center to present this work in progress.

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Erin Quinn Purcell – Director
Lisa Bonner – Writer and Composer
Sheryl Boltze – Musical Director and Artwork
Paul Katz-Bass
Michael Laido-Drums
Greg Livingston-Guitar
Larry Wohl-Violin
Sheryl Boltze-Keyboard
Lisa Bonner-Acoustic Guitar