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Exploring Your SLR Camera

photographghy class

This five-week course is designed as an introductory to intermediate level course in photography, with a focus on camera utilization and functionality. Participants should own (and bring to class!) an SLR camera — either film or digital — and have a strong interest in learning more about the various functions of their camera with regard to exposure, digital capabilities, composition and various artistic effects.

This course will help you become thoroughly familiar with basic camera operations, and how to use your camera’s settings and features as elements of effective photographic composition. Classes include lectures, class discussions, question/answer sessions, and guided homework assignments. Weekly photo critiques of student work will help everyone improve all aspects of their photographic endeavors.

If you’ve always wanted to improve your camera knowledge and photographic techniques, this is the course for you!

upcoming workshop date to be announced $125/ members $115 Adults Ages 16+