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Pottery Classes

Friends Night Out

Friends Night Out is the 3RD Friday of each month from 7.30 – 10pm!  Contact Jennifer to reserve your spot:

or 267-218-0290

Click here to register and pay online

The cost is $30.
Learn more at Earth Center Pottery

Pottery Classes

Pottery classes for Adults and Children at Earth Center Pottery have begun. There is always room to join us for a session. All levels of experience welcome for wheel and hand built pottery. Contact Jennifer for details: or 267-218-0290

Learn more at Earth Center Pottery

Kids, Friends & Family Day

Our ” Kids, Friends & Family Day ” is held from 1-3pm either Saturday or Sunday. Children over 7 may attend by themselves. Kids under 7 must be accompanied by an adult who will assist the child with their project.

The cost is $20.
Learn more at Earth Center Pottery