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Adult Workshops

Our mission is to enrich the community through fine arts, crafts, and music: to encourage art education and excellence, and to nurture artists in a community of connection and support.

Check out the links below for more information on our workshops, classes, special events, and the annual craft show.


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Throughout the Year we hold Community Days. A Free day to come visit Tyler Park Center for the Arts and get to know us! We will have small art projects available for visitors to try as well as demonstrations and information about our ongoing workshops for adults and kids, as well as our summer camps.

This is a great way to meet our teaching artists and our staff. See our historic barn and sculpture garden where we have art and music workshop, concerts, and summer camps. You can see our most exciting project, a wood burning kiln.

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Current Workshops for all ages! click here for current adult workshops and youth & teen workshops.



Summer Camp Sessions!  

June 29th through August 21st 2015
Morning, Afternoon and all day options for aspiring young artists ages 5 through teen.



Music & Sculpture Summer Festival

June 27th & 28th 2015 Experience world class Sculpture & Music.

Attend lecture’s and hands on creative activities.

Food and refreshments by Bucks County Farm Fresh Food Trucks.


Crafts in the Meadow Our Fall Invitational Craft Show is a fine art and craft event showcasing excellence in craftsmanship alongside a festive weekend of live music, performing arts and refreshments.




Pottery classes for Adults and Children at Earth Center Pottery. There is always room to join us for a session. All levels of experience welcome for wheel and hand built pottery. Contact Jennifer for details: or 267-218-0290

Learn more at Earth Center Pottery



Schedule a special night at TPCAOfferings in a multitude of mediums including beading, marbleized silk, stained glass and fusion, fine art, gourd decorating, book making & more!

For details & scheduling contact


Friends Night Out

3RD Friday of each month from 7.30 – 10pm!

Click here to register and pay online $40


Kids, Friends & Family Day

3rd Sunday of each month from 1-3pm!

Click here to register and pay online $30


1st Fridays World Percussion Drum Circle    7:30 to 10:00 – $10

Energize your spirit, release tension, move with the rhythms of life in the drum circle. Learn to play exotic rhythms in the circle.


Build your Business with Specialized Team Building Workshops.
Schedule a special workshop at TPCA. Introduce stress reduction, interdependent group practices, mindfulness, meditations and guaranteed self confidence building to your business or organization with out multi-discipline fine arts & crafts approach.

Offerings in a multitude of mediums to boost morale, creativity and productivity!


Upcoming Dates to be Announced

Renee Egan

Painting workshops with Renee Egan - Learn Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor Painting painting techniques in various workshops. Tyler Park has many beautiful locations! Lean about light, specific color mixing techniques, and brush applications.



Jello Printmaking with Dawn Wesemann - Learn how to make beautiful, multi-layered prints using gelatin as the printing plate. Make note cards, gift tags, and more as you explore design, color, and texture… and everything cleans up with soap and water! 


Paste Paper with Annelies Van Dommellen and Gloria KoscoUsing a special Rice Paint, create patterned paper exploring pattern and surface textures while learning about the basic elements of design and color. Leave with a variety of beautiful paper to be used in bookmaking, box making, cards, envelopes, and more!


Paper Mache’  & Decorate! Turn recycle items into useful and decorative objects using tin cans, plastic, glass jars, cardboard and more.  Possibilities are endless using found objects to make bowls, boxes, ornaments, sculpture and more.


silk painting Drawing and Painting on FabricLearn a simple technique that enables you to draw on cotton or silk. Explore color, line and pattern to create a one of a kind work of art!



Nuno Fiber “Skinny Scarves” Accessorize with a signature scarf in NUNO ; a Japanese felting technique using a background of fabric. Shapes of your liking are cut from the wools in wafer thin segments and  laid out in a pattern (stripes, polka dots, grid, paisley?) producing a floaty, eyecatching wearable item.


screenScreen Printing on Clay and TShirts - Learn how to create simple screen-printing screens and use them on both ceramic and cloth surfaces! Each student will have the opportunity to develop and print their own design on a t-shirt and clay form.  Join us as we welcome ceramic artist and printmaker Hope Rovelto for an exciting and fun workshop. Ages 16+



Bead & Wire Workshop with Tracey DeLellis Students will learn the basics of knotting, beading and design. Each student will complete at least 3 finished jewelry projects.


  Wildife Woodcarving Workshop w/ Hal Houser Students will learn about and be introduced to woodcarving using various tools, techniques, materials, and resources to create a finished standing Sandpiper Decoy. Finishing techniques including painting will be included. Ages 16+.


photographghy classExploring Your SLR Camera - An introductory to intermediate level course in photography, with a focus on camera utilization and functionality. Become thoroughly familiar with basic camera operations, and how to use your camera’s settings and features as elements of effective photographic composition.


glass fusion Glass fushion is the art of layering pieces of glass and then firing them in the kiln to permanently fuse them together. Students will learn to cut glass and design pieces. Using colored glass pieces, glass dots, glass frit, and glass noodles, students will create unique and colorful designs on items such as glass plates.


Stained Glass with Kelly Lock - Learn basic techniques and you will create unique stained glass works of art. A great workshop for beginners and those with experience.


bead Glass Bead Making (Lampworking) with Leanne PurkisLearn to create unique glass beads. Using a special torch they will learn to wrap hot glass around steel rods (mandrels). Basic bead shaping and decorative techniques will be covered.


glass ornaments

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments with Leanne PurkisUsing a small torch, each student will have the chance to experiment with shapes and colors to create ten unique ornaments. No prior glass working experience is necessary. 



Summer Painting Workshop w/ Renee Egan

Capture the Light as the sun sets, the twilight of early evening in a drawing and painting course outdoors

July 27-Aug.31  4:00-7:00 pm

Ages 16 and up Read more

In this En Plién Air course (“in the open air”) we will attempt to capture the light during the twilight hours in the beautiful Tyler Park.

Techniques for composition, drawing, color mixing & painting will be discussed and applied.

The first class materials will be provided along with a list of supplies that students will need for the remainder of the course.


Monday July 27 – Friday Aug.31 

Every afternoon 4:00-7:00 pm  

Workshop fee $200.00  for returning students fee $185.00


$185 Members & Returning Students

Precious Metal Clay

Come learn how to make beautiful fine silver jewelry using a truly amazing material called Precious Metal Clay (PMC).

Beginners PMC –  July 25th SOLD OUT

PMC RINGS workshop -  Sept. 26th  

9am – 5pm

PMC’s clay body is made up of microscopic particles of metal held together by an organic binder and water. When fired at specific temperatures, the binder and water burn off allowing the silver particles to fuse into SOLID metal. PMC can be easily sculpted or molded and impressed with textures and stamps. Firing and polishing of student’s pieces will be done during class. Students will leave this one day workshop with several of their own one-of-a-kind silver creations. Read more

Wendy Schuster is a PMC artist and instructor who has been working with PMC since first hearing about it 13 years ago. She has taught beginning, advanced, and certification classes at several schools and businesses, as well as in her home studio, in Reading, PA. She is a juried artisan at the state and local levels and has 22 years of design experience in her professional life.

Beginners Precious Metal Clay (PMC) ~ July 25th 9am – 5pm  SOLD OUT

During this FUN full day workshop students will be taught a variety of basic techniques including: adding texture with tools and rubber stamps, how to make molds and simple texturing tools, creating bails, setting heat safe stones, torch firing, antiquing and polishing. The instructor’s extensive supply of stamps, molds, textures, and tool kits are made available for student’s use during the workshop.  Students will also be able to choose one fire safe stone from a selection made available during class.

Firing and polishing of student’s pieces will be done during class.  Students will leave this one day workshop with several of their own one-of-a-kind silver creations.*

Materials fee can range $35-65 for metal clay payable to instructor at class


PMC RINGS workshop -  Sept. 26th 9am – 5pm

PMC rings

In this Precious Metal Clay (PMC) class students will learn how to make their Fine Silver rings in a style that is uniquely their own!  Wendy will cover two methods in PMC ring construction: a simple overlap technique and a slightly more challenging butt joint technique, which has no visible interior seam. Stamping, texturing, setting heat safe stones and antiquing and polishing will also be covered during class in addition to sizing techniques. Wendy’s extensive supply of stamps, molds, textures, and tool kits will be made available to student during class time.

Students will leave this one day workshop with several of their own one-of-a-kind silver creations!

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+ Materials fee can range $35-65 for metal clay payable to instructor at class.


$115 Members


* The number of pieces made by each student will vary and is dependent on the volume of clay purchased and the size of each piece made.

* Students who have previously taken my PMC classes are welcome to come and use the time as PMC Studio Time, i.e. they don’t have to do whatever we’re doing for the class being offered that day, they can work on whatever they’d like.  First priority is to the students who are there to learn the techniques being taught in the designated class.

Mailing pieces is an option made available to students.  An additional charge of $4.75 is necessary to cover, postage, insurance and packaging materials.

Beads and Hollow Forms - Upcoming Date to be Announced

Beads and bead stringing have always enjoyed popularity in creating pieces for personal adornment. In this PMC class the student will learn how to make their own one-of-a-kind Fine Silver beads in a style that is uniquely their own.

Materials fee can range $35-65 for metal clay payable to instructor at class

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Team Building workshops

Schedule a special workshop at TPCA. Introduce stress reduction, interdependent group practices, mindfulness, meditations and guaranteed self confidence building to your business or organization with out multi-discipline fine arts & crafts approach.

Offerings in a multitude of mediums to boost morale, creativity and productivity!

For details & scheduling contact  267-218-0290

Review from a recent Team Building Workshop:  ”Thanks again for Friday’s team building morning! The staff had a wonderful time and I received more thanks yesterday and today for the opportunity for them to relax, create and play. The beginning exercise within the circle of trees was very meaningful and several staff said they had not expected that to happen and it was a very special way to set the tone for the morning. You have a gift for setting the stage for a meaningful team building morning. It will be fun to see the finished projects and even more important will be the memory each staff person has of the creative process that they went through to complete their unique design. Thanks again for a very special day.”

Schedule yours today!

The Wood Fired Surface with Gloria Kosco

Upcoming date to be announced

Before each community wood firing, a glazing opportunity will be offered.

Noon – 1pm - Slide presentation and discussion on the possibilities presented with a Wood Fired Kiln. Free for All.

1-4pm -Glazing Workshop - Further discussion will be presented on clay, glazes, slips for the wood kiln atmosphere.   Read more

Glazes for the will be available for students to work with.  Participants can bring enough bisque ware to fill approximately two cubic feet of space. (If time allows, you may glaze more.).  All ware for this workshop must be made of clay that fires to cone 9 or higher.

Willingness to experiment is a must.


Glazing Workshop  Wednesday August 20th 5-8 pm


$35 members  

Questions? or Registration - Please call 267.218.0290 or email

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