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Adult Workshops

Team Building workshops

Build your Business with Specialized Team Building Workshops.

Schedule a special workshop at TPCA. Introduce stress reduction, interdependent group practices, mindfulness, meditations and guaranteed self confidence building to your business or organization with out multi-discipline fine arts & crafts approach.

Offerings in a multitude of mediums to boost morale, creativity and productivity!

For details & scheduling contact  267-218-0290

Screen Printing on Clay and TShirts with Hope Rovelto

Screen Printing on Clay and TShirts

upcoming workshop date to be announced

Please call 267.218.0290 or email

Learn how to create simple screen-printing screens and use them on both ceramic and cloth surfaces! Each student will have the opportunity to develop and print their own design on a t-shirt and clay form.  Join us as we welcome ceramic artist and printmaker Hope Rovelto for an exciting and fun workshop. $60/$55 members Ages 16+

See some of Hope’s work

J E L L O Printmaking!

Jello Printmaking with Dawn Wesemann

upcoming workshop date to be announced

In this class you’ll learn how to make beautiful, multi-layered prints using gelatin as the printing plate.

No need for an etching press or harsh chemicals, we’ll be using acrylic paints and inks and everything cleans up with soap and water!

You’ll also learn how to cut your own stencils and form your own one of a kind stamps to use in your imagery using inexpensive materials and grocery store gelatin.

Make note cards, gift tags, and one of a kind creations as you explore design, color, and texture in this exciting process!

~  Gelatin plates, paints, and paper provided.
~  Materials and instruction for making a variety of stamps provided.
~  Students are encouraged to bring their own favorite stamps, paintbrushes, stencils, scissors, and other   creative mayhem!

Paste Paper with Annelies Van Dommellen and Gloria Kosco

Paste Paper

with Annelies Van Dommellen and Gloria Kosco

upcoming workshop date to be announced

Using a special Rice Paint, create patterned paper for use in many applications.  This is a fun opportunity to explore pattern and surface textures while learning about the basic elements of design and color.


Workshop participants will leave with a variety of beautiful paper to be used in bookmaking, box making, cards, envelopes, and more!

$80/$70 members,  (basic materials provided)

See some beautiful pieces by Annelies Van Dommellen

Boxes with Annelies van Dommelen

Boxes with Annelies van Dommelen

A reliquary, a treasure chest, a container; learn basic box making techniques during an enjoyable day of exploration.  Color, pattern and composition will be transformed into a simple three dimensional form, the box.  In this workshop you will cover an existing box form using various materials.  Although not required,  this is a great follow up class to the paste paper workshop.

upcoming workshop date to be announced

WaterColor Class with Gail Bracegirdle

WaterColor Class

upcoming workshop date to be announced

Color is a vital element in any painting. It sets the mood and can be magical in its effects. This is a ‘quickie’ course in color mixing and relationships. To begin, you will receive sheets of watercolor paper to work on and a handout describing basic information and terminology. Each artist will begin to assemble a personal guide to color which can continue to grow as a reference for future artwork.

Watercolors by Gail    

Glass Fusion

Glass fusing is the art of layering pieces of glass and then firing them in the kiln to permanently fuse them together. Students will learn to cut glass and design pieces. Using colored glass pieces, glass dots, glass frit, and glass noodles, students will create unique and colorful designs on items such as glass plates.  Instructor will take projects to her studio to be fired in the kiln to fuse all the pieces together. $20-25 materials and firing fee payable at class.

upcoming workshop date to be announced

Leanne Blevins


Beginners Metalwork

Join artist Peter Cimino at a workshop that will consist of building a small scale model of Draco (the dragon in our sculpture garden) or a design of students personal choice. Students will learn about the basics of conceiving and creating a design that could be later made into a large scale sculpture. The models will be constructed from wooden dowels and rattan welting using a hot glue gun. It will then be covered in copper and a special stain applied for completion producing an amazing table size creation.

upcoming workshop date to be announced Adults 18+ Peter Cimino

Garden Gathering Baskets

Just in time for fall harvest! Learn the basics of basketweaving with embellishments as you create this basket perfect for use in the garden, home or to go shopping.   14″long x 8″ high plus the handle. There will be a closed woven bottom, so you will never lose a thing!  If you choose there will be dyed reed to enhance the look of your basket and an Oak swing handle. All skill levels welcome. You may have seen Martha’s beautiful baskets at the Stockton Farmers Market.

upcoming workshop date to be announced Martha Malford-Dreswick Ages 14+ Materials fee of $20 payable to instructor

Exploring Your SLR Camera

This five-week course is designed as an introductory to intermediate level course in photography, with a focus on camera utilization and functionality. Participants should own (and bring to class!) an SLR camera — either film or digital — and have a strong interest in learning more about the various functions of their camera with regard to exposure, digital capabilities, composition and various artistic effects.

This course will help you become thoroughly familiar with basic camera operations, and how to use your camera’s settings and features as elements of effective photographic composition. Classes include lectures, class discussions, question/answer sessions, and guided homework assignments. Weekly photo critiques of student work will help everyone improve all aspects of their photographic endeavors.

If you’ve always wanted to improve your camera knowledge and photographic techniques, this is the course for you!

upcoming workshop date to be announced $125/ members $115 Adults Ages 16+

Nuno Fiber “Skinny Scarves”

Accessorize with a signature scarf in NUNO ; a Japanese felting technique using a background of fabric. This session will focus on surface design using an open pattern which leaves areas of the fabric sheer. Silk chiffon in black and white are available. Shapes of your liking are cut from the wools in wafer thin segments and  laid out in a pattern (stripes, polka dots, grid, paisley?) producing a floaty, eyecatching wearable item.

upcoming workshop date to be announced $55/ members $50 Ages 16+ Materials fee $15 payable at class

Gina Tavelli

Open Painting Studios for Beginners

Ages 16+

We’ll explore various painting techniques working from Still Life and Photographs. Learn techniques of applying paints specific to your medium while you develop your skill at composition, color usage, color mixing and use of light and shadow. A supply list to be purchased will be given.

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor Painting w/ Gwen Stevenson - upcoming workshop date to be announced.

Please call or e-mail for information. 



TEEN Bead & Wire Workshop

TEEN Bead & Wire Workshop with Tracey DeLellis

upcoming dates to be announced

Tuition: $120/110 members. Ages 13+

Students will learn the basics of knotting, beading and design. Each students will complete at least 3 finished jewelry projects.

Please Submit a Registration Form


Members $110  

Stained Glass

Stained Glass
with Kelly Lock

Upcoming Date to be Announced

Tuition: $150/$140 members. Ages 13+

Learning basic techniques you will create unique stained glass works of art. A great workshop for beginners and those with experience.

Upcoming Date to be Announced

Wildife Woodcarving Workshop w/ Hal Houser

Students will learn about and be introduced to woodcarving using various tools, techniques, materials, and resources to create a finished standing Sandpiper Decoy. Finishing techniques including painting will be included. Ages 16+.

upcoming dates to be announced


Members $140  

This workshop has a material fee of $13.00. Basic tools will be supplied by the instructor for the class, or you may purchase a toolkit from the instructor for $65.00. Material and Tool costs should be paid directly to the instructor. Contact Hal Houser for details (215-355-0318).

Please Submit a Registration Form

Stampmaking & Printmaking

Stampmaking & Printmaking
with Tracey DeLellis

Upcoming dates to be annouced

Tuition: $90/$80 members. Ages 13+

Create your own large scale pattern stamp for endless creative applications! We will carve a large flexible stamp which can be used with inks, acrylics, clay or fabrics. This versatile stamp can be used over and over! All materials supplied by instructor.

Saturday, February 8th, 12:30-3pm

  Please Submit a Registration Form


Members $80  

Turn Recycle Items Into Useful and Decorative Objects with Oz Freedgood

Paper Mache’  & Decorate!

upcoming workshop date to be announced

Turn recycle items into useful and decorative objects using tin cans, plastic, glass jars, cardboard and more.  Create useful and sculptural objects.  Possibilities are endless using found objects and Paper Mache’  to make bowls, boxes, ornaments, sculpture and more. 

Supplies included – ages 10 to Adults


2 -Day Workshop in Paper Clay with Jerry Bennett

Explore Paper Clay!

A Great workshop for beginners or those with experience!

Upcoming date to be announced

Sign up for both days or Sunday only @ Earth Center Pottery
$180 / $90 •  All levels, adults


See the creative works from a past workshop! 

Additional information about paper clay and pictures of the instructors work can be found at You can also read about paperclay or fiber clay at the blog written by Jerry Bennett at: This Blog is dedicated to the discussion of Paper Clay as a ceramic art medium.

A Gift of Silk

Drawing and Painting on Fabric ~

A Gift of Silk

with Molly Sahner

upcoming workshop date to be announced

Learn a simple technique that enables you to draw on cotton or silk. All ages welcome, (children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult).

Read more

Explore color, line and pattern to create a one of a kind work of art!

Bring something made of cotton or silk to draw on or purchase items from instructor.

~ Silk ties & scarves will be available for those who wish to make a special Father’s Day gift.




The Ancient Art of Mehndi: Henna Technique & Design with Paula Focazio

The Ancient Art of Mehndi:

Henna Technique & Design

with Paula Focazio

upcoming workshop date to be announced -  Ages 16+

The ancient art of mehndi (henna body decoration) has exploded in popularity in recent years. Students in this 2 hour course will learn about the history and modern day use of henna as a body decoration. We will discuss how henna is made and how it stains the skin. Through demonstration and experimentation students will create their own henna designs (mehndi) on themselves and fellow classmates. Students will be supplied with henna to use in class and enough to take home and practice. Read more

Please Submit a Registration Form



+ $15. materials fee at class

Questions? or Registration - Please call 267.218.0290 or email


Accordion Books

Variations on the Folded Book

with Barbara Korb

upcoming workshop date to be announced

Discover the creative world of bookarts! A unique was to save your personal thoughts & memories.
Read more

Begin your bookbinding repertoire with variations on the accordion fold. The basic accordion fold book is made from a long strip of paper, folded to create peaks and valleys. The accordion can become the actual pages or it can become the spine of the book, with attached pages.

Popular variations of the accordion are the flag book and tunnel book. We will construct books, covers, and containers for the books. ( $10 materials fee, payable to instructor on day of class.)

 Questions? or Registration - Please call 267.218.0290 or email

Accordion Book Arts

The Wood Fired Surface

The Wood Fired Surface/ slide presentation & glazing workshop.

with Gloria Kosco

Before each community wood firing, a glazing opportunity will be offered.

Noon – 1pm - Slide presentation and discussion on the possibilities presented with a Wood Fired Kiln. Free for All.

1-4pm -Glazing Workshop - Further discussion will be presented on clay, glazes, slips for the wood kiln atmosphere.   Read more

Glazes for the will be available for students to work with.  Participants can bring enough bisque ware to fill approximately two cubic feet of space. (If time allows, you may glaze more.).  All ware for this workshop must be made of clay that fires to cone 9 or higher.

Willingness to experiment is a must.


Glazing Workshop  Thursday, June 12th 6-10pm


$35 members  

Questions? or Registration - Please call 267.218.0290 or email

Please Submit a Registration Form

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments with Leanne Purkis

upcoming workshop date to be announced

Anyone can make beautiful hand blown glass ornaments. Glaskolben glass tubes, used throughout Europe for making Christmas tree ornaments, make it easy for beginners to experience this old world craft. Using a small torch, each student will have the chance to experiment with shapes and colors to create ten unique ornaments. No prior glass working experience is necessary.

NOTE: Materials fee of $45, payable to the instructor at the first class. Students must bring a pair of safety glasses to each class, as well as a box and wrapping material to take home their ornaments.

See Leanne’s work on her website 


Introduction to Glass Bead Making

Introduction to Glass Bead Making (Lampworking) with Leanne Purkis

upcoming workshop date to be announced

In this exciting course students will learn to create unique glass beads. Using a special torch they will learn to wrap hot glass around steel rods (mandrels). Basic bead shaping and decorative techniques will be covered. Students must bring safety glasses to class.

$45 Materials fee payable to the instructor at the first class.

See Leanne’s work on her website 


Precious Metal Clay

Come learn how to make beautiful fine silver jewelry using a truly amazing material called Precious Metal Clay (PMC).

PMC’s clay body is made up of microscopic particles of metal held together by an organic binder and water. When fired at specific temperatures, the binder and water burn off allowing the silver particles to fuse into SOLID metal. PMC can be easily sculpted or molded and impressed with textures and stamps. Firing and polishing of student’s pieces will be done during class. Students will leave this one day workshop with several of their own one-of-a-kind silver creations.

Wendy Schuster is a PMC artist and instructor who has been working with PMC since first hearing about it 13 years ago. She has taught beginning, advanced, and certification classes at several schools and businesses, as well as in her home studio, in Reading, PA. She is a juried artisan at the state and local levels and has 22 years of design experience in her professional life.

Beginners Precious Metal Clay (PMC) ~ future dates to be announced Ages 16+

During this FUN full day workshop students will be taught a variety of basic techniques including: adding texture with tools and rubber stamps, how to make molds and simple texturing tools, creating bails, setting heat safe stones, torch firing, antiquing and polishing. The instructor’s extensive supply of stamps, molds, textures, and tool kits are made available for student’s use during the workshop.  Students will also be able to choose one fire safe stone from a selection made available during class.

Firing and polishing of student’s pieces will be done during class.  Students will leave this one day workshop with several of their own one-of-a-kind silver creations.*




PMC RINGS workshop - August 16th 9-5pm   SOLD OUT future dates to be announced

PMC rings

In this Precious Metal Clay (PMC) class students will learn how to make their Fine Silver rings in a style that is uniquely their own!  Wendy will cover two methods in PMC ring construction: a simple overlap technique and a slightly more challenging butt joint technique, which has no visible interior seam. Stamping, texturing, setting heat safe stones and antiquing and polishing will also be covered during class in addition to sizing techniques. Wendy’s extensive supply of stamps, molds, textures, and tool kits will be made available to student during class time.

Students will leave this one day workshop with several of their own one-of-a-kind silver creations!

+ Materials fee can range $35-65 for metal clay payable to instructor at class.



The number of pieces made by each student will vary and is dependent on the volume of clay purchased and the size of each piece made.

Mailing pieces is an option made available to students.  An additional charge of $4.75 is necessary to cover, postage, insurance and packaging materials.

Painting the Landscape in Oil w/ Renee Egan

Painting the Landscape in Oil

Future date to be announced

June 15th, 22nd, 29th & July 6th  4 sessions. Ages 16+

Students will learn traditional oil painting techniques while painting on Tyler’s beautiful locations as well as learning specific color mixing techniques, and brush applications.

Supplies will be provided on the first class, and students will be given a supply list of materials that they will need for the other classes.

 See Renee’s work on her website

Please Submit a Registration Form

$225 Future date to be announced